New generation of  SUPERENDURANCE TEHNOLOGY batteries for cars.


Updating of charging formation in Plant 1.


New generation of  SUPERENDURANCE TEHNOLOGY batteries for commercial vehicles.


Official opening of the new production capacity for the advanced batteries AGM and EFB.


Metair International Holdings Coöperatief U.A, member of the South African Group Metair Investment Limited buys 99% of the company shares


Nominalisation of Rombat as a regional supplier in the Nissan panel.


30th anniversary of Rombat


Rombat sets up the “Green Energy” project, investing in micro-hydroelectric plants.


Rombat is among the nominees as a qualified supplier for PSA Peugeot Slovakia. The first Rombat Center opens in Romania. Shortly afterwards, another 4 other centers are inaugurated. At the moment, Rombat is able to offer its customers from Iasi, Craiova, Ramnicu Valcea, Deva and Brasov a prompt answer for their battery demands. Together with Robert Turcescu and Rodica Culcer, Rombat initiates the CSR campaign “Reach the Positive Pole in Communication”, a campaign which offers assistance to the local press in their professional training. The campaign wins the prize for the most responsible campaign of 2008 at the PR Awards. The opening of the Second Rombat Capacity, that has been validated by Renault, determines the increase with 50% of the company’s production capacity.


Nominalisation of Rombat as a regional supplier in the Renault panel. The company initiates the campaign “With loaded batteries for cleaner parks” in Bistrita, Arad, Craiova, Constanta, a campaign for teenagers' responsibility concerning the importance of a cleaner environment. Rombat launches the batteries Premier and Terra Professional.


Rombat participates to the Renault Nissan Group meeting with all its international suppliers in Paris. The company confirms its position once again inside the Renault Nissan Group. According to e_Finance magazine, which quotes a study carried out by the Romanian Center of Economical Modeling – CERME, Rombat is among the 81 Romanian companies that has the lowest degree of risk (A+), in three consecutive years, from a total of 900 very large companies from Romania (each one having at least 500 employees) The foundation of SC Rombat Automobile SRL, whose activity purpose is the sale of Volkswagen vehicles.


Rombat celebrates 25 years of activity. Rombat achieves the integrated authorization of environment from The Regional Environment Protection Agency in Sibiu for its Rebat Copsa Mica working centre. Rombat is among the first companies in Romania who obtained this authorization.


Rombat delivers the first batteries to Russia.


The Romanian Railroad Authority – RAR/AFER offered Rombat SA the Authorization of Railroad Supplier for the company’s products. The company Dacia from Pitesti launches the new Dacia Solenza model, the auto vehicles being equipped with Rombat batteries.


Between the 1st and 5th of July ROMBAT was audited by DQS Germany for the renewal of the Quality Management System certificate according to the ISO 9001 demands and for the certification according to the ISO/TS 16949 demands, ROMBAT achieving the certification at the end of the auditing activity. The Dacia-Renault auditing team, which evaluates the suppliers, has carried out an evaluation according to EAQF (evaluation aptitude quality supplier). SC Rombat SA has been qualified as a level A supplier obtaining 90 points, out of 100.


Rombat obtains the Environment Management certificate from the company DQS from Germany. Rombat places into operation a continuous line for the manufacturing of expanded boards.


The Rombat company together with Gabriela Szabo initiate the campaign “The champions’ endurance”.


The modernization of the forming workshop and of the finishing line.


Rombat enhances and modernizes the assemblling workshop.


Rombat becomes a joint stock company, completely privatized. Rombat anii '80-'90' Rombat becomes the unique supplier to Dacia Pitesti, a passenger cars producer.


The company from Bistrita upgrades its adjustment workshop.


Rombat upgrades its custody/maintenance facility.


SC Rombat SA– Bistrita – is a joint stock company in the property of the state.


Intreprinderea de Acumulatoare Bistrita is a state-owned company.


Acumulatorul Bistrita, department of CICM is a state-owned company.